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Saturday, May 17, 2008, 22:21
Section: Miscellany

A month shy of three years later, I’ve updated the site’s look and feel. I believe that the Internet gurus (who will be happy to handle the service for a small fee) say that sites should be updated every 18 months. Obviously, I’ve got a ways to go there.

I looked at a number of “magazine style” themes for the blog, and the idea of having the front page display a grid of posts appealed to me, but they all took far too much work to adapt for a site with hundreds of posts already made. So I went with Conestoga Street instead, which still is nice and newspaper-flavored (at least now it is, anyway).

There’s a few quirks on this site I need to fix. The first one is that there’s no link to older posts on the front page or on archive pages. In the interim, use the search window to look for a specific post.

If you see any other glitches on the new site, please let me know here. And stay tuned for the 3.0 version of this site, coming in 2011.

(Oh, and if the name of this site confuses you, I explained it back in 2005.)

U.S. Army Holds Annual “Bring Your Daughter to War” Day

Friday, March 28, 2008, 18:15
Section: Miscellany

Army Holds Annual ‘Bring Your Daughter To War’ Day

Pardon our dust …

Thursday, March 20, 2008, 19:49
Section: Miscellany

I’m going to be upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.something shortly (only, what, two years late?) and playing around a bit with templates for the next few days. If you see a logo that doesn’t look like mine, it isn’t; I just haven’t built a new one yet.

Likewise, there will be some new modifications made, and probably turned on and off as I decide which I like. If there’s any that you like (or miss — the old ones will likely just be going away), feel free to say so.

EDIT #1: Upgrade complete. New templates and mods coming next.

EDIT #2: I think I’m going to go with this theme, although it’s going to need a lot of customization.

EDIT #3: Gravatars enabled. No, I don’t have these, either, but I’ve seen them on some blogs, and liked them. I intend to set up a few. If you’ve got custom avatars, they’ll show up on this blog now, and in the future.

EDIT #4: OK, the whole page re-rendering every time a tab is clicked on the Branford Magazine template was irritating me. I think I’ll go with this one instead.

Girl Scout cookie time

Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 7:02
Section: Miscellany

They’re back, and they’re delicious. Oh, yes, I love the Thin Mints as much as every right-thinking American does, but I want to praise two less-heralded cookies:

  • Samoas – These incredibly evil cookies are coconut, caramel and dark chocolate. (The alternate bakery that the Girl Scouts use produces Caramel De-Lite, which uses milk chocolate, making them inferior but still damned tasty.) They’re the second-most popular Girl Scout cookie. If you’ve never had them, pick them up when the local scouts have run out of Thin Mints.
  • Lemon Chalet Cremes/Lemonade – A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to the new Lemon Creme Hershey’s Kisses, which brought back a powerful sense memory of sandwich cookies with strongly flavored lemon cream in the middle. The generics Jenn got at Albertson’s in response to my craving failed to satisfy. (That’s putting it mildly; I eventually chucked the entire package of cardboard-flavored cookies in the garbage can.) The Girl Scouts, though, have a cookie that delivers on this score. Insanely good with milk. Lemonades are the inferior cookie (same company as bakes Carmel De-Lites — coincidence?), which is just a big shortbread cookie with a frosted underside. The frosting is OK, but doesn’t have the same kick as the Lemon Chalet Cremes.

It’s a good thing these things only show up once a year.

I am apparently running for city council

Friday, February 29, 2008, 6:34
Section: Miscellany

… in Crowley, Texas.

I got the news from the Burleson-Crowley Connection:

Places 5 and 6, held by Tina Pace, who is filling an unexpired term, and Beau Yarbrough, will be on the ballot for the election, which will be held May 10. Winners in the races will serve three-year terms.

In the words of William Tecumseh Sherman, if nominated, I will not accept; if drafted, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.

That said, it’d be kind of fun to win. Vote for me, Crowley voters! Vote for me!

EDIT: False alarm. The paper spelled the councilman’s name wrong. He’s Beau Yarborough.

Crowley voters: WRITE MY NAME IN!


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