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Podcasts I subscribe to, Oct. 2011 edition

Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 19:36
Section: Geek

Before I totally blow up my iPhone with the iOS 5 update (said demolition is already underway, as I forgot to take screenshots of all my apps before iTunes decided to start uninstalling a bunch of them, oops), here’s the list of what I’m subscribing to. It’s unlikely that this list will get zapped, but never bet against disaster when patching, I always say.

You can find all of these podcasts in the usual places. A list of obscurities, this is not.

• APM: Marketplace Morning Report
• APM: The Dinner Party Download
• The Apple Byte*
• BlizzCast: The official Blizzard Podcast
• Buzz Out Loud
• Buzz Report*
• Coverville
• The Current Song of the Day
• DiveFilm HD Video*
• Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
• Indiefeed: Alternative
• Indiefeed: Blues
• Indiefeed: Indie Pop
• Judge John Hodgman
• KCRW’s Film Reviews
• KCRW’s Martini Shot
• KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic
• KCRW’s The Business
• KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune
• KEXP Presents Music that Matters
• KEXP Song of the Day
• KEXP Video of the Week*
• On the Media
• The Loh Down on Science
• The Loh Life
• Loveline
• The Moth Podcast
• The Nerdist Podcast
• NPR People: Hmmm … Krulwich on Science Podcast
• NPR Topics: Story of the Day
• NPR Topics: World Story of the Day
• NPR: Hourly News Podcast
• NPR: Tiny Desk Concerts*
• Official Disneyland Resort Podcast*
• Onion News Network*
• Onion Radio News
• Our Ocean World
• OutDPS! Hunting Party Podcast
• Oxhorn Brand Movies*
• PRI’s The World: Global Hit
• PRI: The Sound of Young America
• PRI’s The World: Geo Quiz
• The Roadhouse
• Rocketboom*
• Science Friday Audio
• Science Friday Video*
• Song of the Week
• StarDate Podcast
• That Sound
• They Might Be Giants Podcast*
• WNYC’s Radiolab

* denotes a video podcast, at least some of the time. (Some podcasts include both audio and video podcasts.)

Fifty-two podcasts seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Most of them are actually relatively short, and many of them are weekly or even less frequent. And I’ve also set iTunes to default to just keeping the latest episode of a podcast, and to remove any podcast that’s been listened to all the way through. It works out to four to eight hours of custom radio to listen to at work each day. It beats listening to the radio.

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