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Indiana Beau and the Tips of Doom!

Nazis! I hate these guys!The enemies I've so far encountered include snakes, spiders, scorpions, banditos, natives, Nazis, jaguars, and in certain adventures, living columns and ghosts ("Nacoms"). Although the game's help file says Queztlcoatl is in the game, I've yet to meet the Aztec god and figure the help file was written before the final release version was ready to ship. Considering he was worshipped with human sacrifices back in the day, I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.

You can avoid most combat. The only enemies that regularly pursue you are the Nazis and jaguars, and sometimes banditos. Everything else just moves randomly.

That means when facing a mixed group of enemies, kill the Nazis and the jaguars first, as the others may just leave you alone. Jaguars also do a lot of damage.

Enemies who don't move are either guarding something, will chit-chat with you, or both.


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