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Indiana Beau and the Tips of Doom!

IBonifacio's advicef you've never done so, talk to Bonifacio in Lucasio until he starts to repeat himself. His advice and game instructions are excellent.

Check the medicine cabinet in Marcus' house for a first aid kit. Also check under the crates in Indy's house. There's sometimes one there, too.

Go into the cantina repeatedly to load up on bananas. You have to have the map before Gabriela will give you anything, though, just as José won't give you any Yerba Buena until you have a weapon better than the whip. This is what's known as "tough love," I guess.

Don't drink the tequila if you're already wounded. You didn't think anything good would happen, did you?

When in doubt, shoot. You can't hurt anyone you need to talk to, so there's no downside. In fact, enter blasting.

When fighting, hold down the spacebar to get rapid fire. Or rapid whip, as the case may be.

Things to try to push and pull: Stone blocks, boulders, crates, easy chairs, piles of bottles, bar stools, camp stools, car engines, tan stone slabs (graves?). Don't go pushing on cacti, though; sometimes you'll get wounded.

The map works as a pause button. And remember to click on all the symbols on the map. The information you get this way can be especially useful when entering a new screen full of enemies.

The map doesn't always show everything. For instance, if there's an oddly symmetrical grouping of stones (like a cross or a diamond), try moving them around and see if you can move the centermost stone. Odds are, there's something there. For the same reason, try and move everything moveable once. Something may be hidden underneath, or it may trigger something.

In palm tree-filled areas, look around for bananas or Yerba Buena. There's almost always some there. You may have to look under a boulder, or it may be obscured by a tree.

Indy actually offers pretty good advice during the game; when circling a puzzle, pay attention to anything he may say. If he says something, for instance, needs a "sharper eye," be on the lookout for a gem called an "eye" later on, and so on.

Stumped? Explore the whole map before giving up in frustration. You'll usually find an object needed to solve your dilemma. If the puzzle doesn't require an object (the map will tell you), the puzzle is somehow solved within its own "room" on the map. The button to open a door, for instance, is near the door somewhere, not in another room.

Remember to save your game before entering the final part of your adventure (marked with a star on your map). It's always filled with lots of enemies, possibly including supernatural ones.

Once you're done with your game, click on the score screen (once the music ends) and you can continue roaming Indy's world. Return any antiquities to Marcus, including (if you find it) the golden idol Belloq stole in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and swing the Aztec sword in front of Marcus. Pointless, but fun to get the reactions out of him!

Wondering how to get that score up? This is covered in the game's Help file - you did read the Help file, right? - but it's worth going over again: The harder the game, the faster you win, the healthier you are at the end, the better you do, scorewise. While the balance of world size, combat difficulty and game speed are all a matter of individual tastes, I recommend avoiding as much combat as possible (the vast majority) and ending the game as healthy as possible. Go kill the critters after you've gotten your score, you know?


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