Freaky Mayan idol
Indiana Beau and the Tips of Doom!

THot foot!he goodie you want is on a pillar of rock in a canyon, eh? Well, get some rope and then push a boulder in line with the statue or whatever is on the pillar (there's one there in all the scenarios I've seen). Use your rope on your boulder. And then it's tight-rope walking time, as you go get that goodie. (This is the number one question asked me, and I promise the above solution works. Try it before you e-mail me, OK?)

Can't get through a small gap in ruins? There's a lost or kidnapped child around who can crawl in.

If your weight won't activate a pressure button, try pushing a non-carryable object onto it.

Can't reach a button? Try your whip.

A bucket of water — filled at a nearby water source — will cool just enough lava to clear a path through volcanic areas.

Dig at the spot where tire tracks go straight into a wall.

Find the one-eyed petroglyph a gemstone for its empty eyesocket. The gemstone, called an "eye," also is used to create a light bridge in another puzzle, when you put it atop a butte to the east of the treasure you want.

Want the gold idol on the altar? Remember "Raiders of the Lost Ark?" That's right: You need to get a bag of sand as a counterweight. In this case, you put it on the other altar. And watch out for the rolling boulder on the way out.


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