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Indiana Beau and the Tips of Doom!

TMarcus is a wuss!he weapons I've found in the game include the standard whip, machetes, bows and arrows, spears, Lugers and — for killing supernatural critters — funky Aztec swords.

Although the whip is allegedly the weakest weapon in the game, its ability to reach through obstacles, even walls, gives you an enormous advantage. Get jaguars (the toughest regular monster in the game) and Nazis to come at you through a wall. While they're pinned there, whip them to death. (Why is a whip able to go through walls, while bullets can't cross water? You got me.)

The whip is also a faster weapon than the others. After a single swing of the Aztec sword especially, expect to get hit several times by your opponent. Therefore, only use it on supernatural enemies.

Although according to the help file, your weapons aren't supposed to be able to hurt enemies on a diagonal, all the slashing weapons are actually able to, although only within a one-space radius of course. Still, this is a powerful advantage when fighting tons of nasty critters. (Which happens far too often.)


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